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By October 21, 2017

With upmost respect for David Siegel, Tomer Sofinzon, Ralph Reijs, and the rest of the Pillar team After last night’s talk with Tomer, co-founder of 20|30 and Pillar Project, I feel the urge to write my thoughts on Pillar, and why it can be so easily misunderstood. It seems last night a lot of pieces

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By July 16, 2017

  This is the first chapter in The Token Handbook. Wow. No plan survives engagement with the market! We had no idea this was coming. I think anyone who has run an ICO could write a book on how not to run an ICO. This is mine …     Twenty years ago, I had an

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By June 29, 2017

Meet Max. Max is a digital native. He uses his phone for most of his daily tasks and his laptop for everything else…     I have been writing about the personal data locker for over 15 years. In 2010, I wrote a book about it …     … and I made this vision

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